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Reflect, Review, Recharge, Rejoice

Have you ever been frustrated when you go to use something and the batteries are dead? It happens to me all the time, and seems to be more prevalent as our world increasingly relies on remote control and electronic devices. My cell phone, Blackberry™, laptop, remotes, bluetooth headset, and car, have all stopped working at […]

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The Significance of Stooping Low

Portrait of a thoughtful young man with hand on his head isolated on the gray background

Ben Franklin once received a very useful lesson from the excellent Dr. Cotton Mather. In a letter to Dr. Mather’s son he relates the doctor’s words: “The last time I saw your father was in 1724. On taking my leave, he showed me a shorter way out of the house, by a narrow passage, which […]

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Are we as women of God striving to become more holy in everything we do and think? Are we taming our tongues to speak righteousness, truthfulness, and kindness? Is our hope fully focused on the grace given us through the blood of Jesus Christ when we accept him as the Lord of our lives? Are […]

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God’s Holy Days: The Way Forward

So, you’ve gone through what looks like a hectic week. You’re feeling tired and not knowing what to do. However, there is no sign of you slowing down as you’ve got many other obligation outside the office to fulfil – studying for that big exam, doing the grocery shopping, or preparing yourself and the children […]

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Charles Groce: The Longer Story

There’s Biblical reason to believe God works through families. It’s also reasonable to believe the later generations of believers are blessed through the obedience of those who lived before. That is the case with my family. My sisters and I have been blessed through my mother’s faithfulness. (more…)

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