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God is No Fascist


God allows suffering for the same reason that the United States government allows the Mafia, the Russian Mob, and other criminal activities. Although both divine and secular authorities value and promote the welfare of all people under their care, they value the rights and freedoms of their populations even more. Both the secular police and […]

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Truth or Speculation

by Jewel Mac Exploring, discovering, unearthing the wonders of the world; is it for the faint of heart? Looking up at a vast universe of endless sky, a brilliant sunset, a glorious sunrise; who can explain it? Life in all its majesty fills this orb as the waters cover the earth; who can comprehend it? […]

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God’s Jurassic Park


Evidence of a great worldwide tragedy is extant in many places on the earth, such as the frozen bodies and body parts in the Arctic. The most awesome of these are the frozen mammoths. In his book, In the Beginning (eighth ed., 2008)–latest edition is online–Walt Brown, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering,  has tediously documented mammoth […]

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Around the Globe

by Bill Goff The number one humanitarian crisis in the entire world right now (and there are many) is the famine in The Horn of Africa. Mistakenly, it was first thought to be the worst famine in 60 years, but now many are realizing that this famine is going to be the worst famine ever. […]

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In the Beginning

by Eric Hougland In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth (Gen 1). This is a fundamental belief of all Christians around the world. Not only Christians believe in a creation though. All major civilizations throughout the history of man believe in some form of a creation story. The specific details and the […]

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Creatures That Defy Evolutionary Theory

Sea anemones and corals in marine aquarium

In defending our faith and belief that God is the creator of all life, I’d like to turn to a few examples in nature that support this contention. Before we provide the examples we must understand, we should note that many theories on evolution stress that animals and man changed and adapted over time to […]

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