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Paul & Pride: Origins and Orige

At first sight, it would appear easy to write an article on the topic “God hates pride,” but it is not in fact as simple as it would first seem. Granted, there are plenty of Scripture passages condemning pride. Infuse readers with a good knowledge of the Bible will immediately recall Proverbs 16:5: “The LORD […]

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Washing the Feet

Last year I entered a local film festival. I had created a short film with my brother and our small production team. It was our first narrative short film and I felt confident going in that we should receive at least one prize. I figured it would be hard for someone to make a film […]

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The Humility of Christ

Jesus Christ demonstrated many great attributes. One of His many beautiful characteristics was humility. Jesus Christ humbled Himself before His Father and the great holy law. He also humbled Himself before His encounter in the wilderness with Satan by fasting for forty days and nights. He knew of the devil’s powerful schemes and temptations, so […]

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The Boomerang Effect

Every human being, at some point in his or her life, feels a sense of pride. Whether it’s because you aced the test, made the football team, got the job, or are having a baby boy or girl, you feel pride somewhere along the road of life. But just because everyone feels proud at certain […]

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Teaching Your Children Humility


I often reflect on the time when I was raising my daughters and, to this day, I am always amazed by how much they imitated my actions and less often listened to what they were told. Parenting in the early stages was a wonderful, yet challenging time; I wouldn’t trade any of it…(Hmm? Just pondering). […]

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Who Are You Trying to Impress?

Obviously you are not trying to impress God. If you were trying to impress God you would not covet the big house, big truck, and take the vacations you cannot afford, but you spent your money on these expensive things to impress your friends and family. If you were trying to impress God you would […]

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The Importance of Being Humble

Man praying in the grassy field

In one of his plays, William Shakespeare presents a character whose life represents the values inherent in having a humble spirit. It also presents the destruction, not only to the human being, but also to the society as a whole, when pride and arrogance rather than humility take the center stage in our lives. In […]

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Get Up & Walk

As your loved one lies in the fetal position on his bed, wincing in pain, eyes shut tightly around a flood of tears, grasping the source of pain as if he could squeeze the hurt right out, wondering where and why his pain has come…you begin to pray. Why? Maybe it is out of fear […]

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Health & Healing

1. How is your health? 2. What is health? Medical definition of health is the absence of disease. Spiritual definition of health is the wholeness of God. 3. What is healing? Medical healing is physical, chemical or surgical intervention to overcome disease. God’s healing is the activity that brings wholeness to a person wounded by […]

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You Too Can Make the Sick Better

Like Jesus, you can cure the sick or make them better. This truth is not only the teaching of the Church of God International based on one possible interpretation of the Bible among many, but was shared by early Christians, some of whom knew the writers of the New Testament personally and could ask them […]

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