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Treasure in Heaven or On Earth?

Where is your treasure: in heaven or on earth? Matthew 6:21 tells us that where our treasure is, there your heart will be also. Is your heart focused on earthly things or the heavenly? A few verses later, in Matthew 6:24, we read we cannot serve two masters. I believe this verse helps us understand […]

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Treasures in Heaven

I wouldn’t call myself a tech/gadget addict, but I’ve come pretty close in recent times (that is probably what a gadget addict would say too). I’ve always been interested in the fast–paced, ever-changing technology world, whether it be computers, cellular phones, or even medical technological advances. But particularly I never thought I would get caught […]

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Questions From the Readers

Questions & Answers

Q. People always get me gifts around Christmas even though I tell them not to. Is it wrong if I give a gift back? I’m confused about this. Presumably, you ask your friends not to give you Christmas gifts because you believe Christmas is rooted in paganism and therefore should not be celebrated by Christians. The […]

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