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A Time To Be Still…


When you hear the word meditation, what comes to mind? Many picture a smoke-filled room with a group of people sitting cross-legged in the floor. Sitar music plays in the background, while the devotees chant things like ohmm, or some other Indian phrase. This vision of meditation is perpetuated in films and television, and doesn’t […]

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Fake It Till You Make It


Fake it until you make it. This motivational phrase and sentiment is passed along by many in the sports world. The idea is that to achieve the goals one wants to accomplish, one must believe first that it’s possible. That person may not have accomplished anything yet, but with some focused effort on the cause, […]

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family portrait of young beautiful mom and daughter on beach

Faith is a tiny word with infinity inside. It is more than belief in a god or a book. It is deeper than any dictionary can describe and more powerful than anything man could hope to imagine. Faith is trusting beyond a shadow of a doubt in something you can’t see, hear or touch. It’s […]

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Holy Convocation

From the inception of time the days were set, The Sabbath and feast days are deemed sacred. On these days no work should be done, Holy convocations that will also be observe in the Millennium. In “Genesis one” it was first mentioned, Long before “Exodus twenty” it was from creation. The sole purpose was realized, […]

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Editorial: Affluenza – The Antithesis of Accountability

Young businessman sitting at the table with laptop and shrugging over gray background. I dont know.

I am always amazed at the end of every year at the words that have entered our vocabulary over the previous twelve months. Often, the newly-accepted words deal largely with technological advancements. However, in 2015, there is one word that has captured my attention, and for all of the wrong reasons – “affluenza”.   In […]

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