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If you were sitting among a group of God’s people or any average gathering of Americans on a Saturday afternoon and someone asked, “How many people here like rock and roll music,” how would you respond? In most cases, if you’re honest you would quickly raise your hand as would many others, including myself, because […]

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Reader Questions

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Reader Questions: 1. I noticed that this year the Jewish Passover was on a different day than the Passover we celebrated. What is the difference in the dates, and is it significant? The Church of God International (CGI) and many other Church of God groups celebrate the Lord’s Passover or Lord’s Supper the night before […]

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Infuse Summer Retreat 2016


This year’s Infuse Summer Retreat will be held in Clearwater, FL the last weekend of July! The theme is ‘Accountable’: We are held accountable by God and Christ, by our spouses and each other whom we walk this path with, by our colleagues and peers that we interact with every day, and by the community […]

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Is “the one” out there?


We all have watched many love stories on the silver screen unfold and the new common craze reality dating shows. Who doesn’t want the fairytale to be swept off your feet and fall madly in love? The quest of looking for Prince Charming or your Dream Girl can be very frustrating. There are times when […]

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We want to hear from you!

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We are working on getting our theme for the coming year and we would love to hear from you! What do you want to read about, hear, participate in, and see happen in the coming year? Please comment down below, the Infuse page, Infuse group page, or you can e-mail your thoughts to We […]

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Getting Involved

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Throughout this year Infuse will be helping the homeless and we need your help! Infuse has started making plastic mats for the homeless by re-purposing all those plastic grocery bags that we have laying around. We all have them and now we have found a way to do some good with them. There are three ways you can […]

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Questions & Answers Winter 2003

Q: Why do you quote from the Old Testament in establishing doctrine for Christians? Shouldn’t Christians get their beliefs from the New Testament alone, especially from the epistle of Paul? A: Listen carefully to what the apostle Paul says about the so-called ” Old Testament”: To Timothy, Paul writes, ” and that from childhood you […]

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Infuse Retreat!!!


Infuse Retreat June 25th-28th. Back to Basic. It’s taking us back to those fundamental first lessons that we learned either as kids or as we converted. We will be staying at the Microtel Inn & Suites Atlanta~Buckhead The address: 1840 Corporate Blvd NE Atlanta, GA 30329 To book your room call 404-325-4446. Let them know […]

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Questions From the Readers

If a baby dies when in the womb (from sickness, miscarriage, or abortion), what resurrection will he/she be in? Who will take care of all the babies? Will it be the parents or siblings? Infants are not morally accountable, so they are not deserving of divine retribution. We can therefore rule out any resurrection unto […]

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Questions From the Readers

In the current times, it seems that Christians are under attack from many opposing forces. As Sabbatarians, sometimes it feels like we segregate ourselves from other Christians based on our insight of the Word and non-observance of common holidays. While we can hold the truth closely, shouldn’t we be trying to relate more to those […]

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