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Throughout this year Infuse will be helping the homeless and we need your help!

Infuse has started making plastic mats for the homeless by re-purposing all those plastic grocery bags that we have laying around. We all have them and now we have found a way to do some good with them. There are three ways you can help. We need people or groups to collect the bags, people to make the bags into plarn (plastic yarn), and people to crochet the plarn into mats.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Collecting plastic bags: Talk to people in your church, family, and friends and start collecting the bags. You can keep them and move on to step two or send them in for someone else to make the strips if you prefer.

Plarn making: Lay the bag out flat, fold in half lengthwise and fold in half again, cut off the top handles and the bottom seam, and then cut bag in strips about 2 inches. When tying the strips together you are making a slip knot. Pull one strip up through the loop of another. Fold the inner strip over the other and down through itself, gently pulling on ends to knot two strips together (should look like a “Y”). Connect the next strip to last strip in the same manner and continue connecting strips until you have a large ball of plastic yarn, ‘plarn’.

Crocheting: To crochet the mat: Start by making 36 inch or slightly longer chain. With an N hook, this comes to about 90 stitches. Add an extra 3 chain, then turn. Double crochet in the second chain from the hook and continue to work in double crochet to the end. Chain three, turn and repeat. Continue until the mat is at 6 feet in length.

To make a carry strap: Leave about 12 inches then start an 80 inch long chain. Turn and work a second row in single crochet. Repeat until you have 4 rows. Leave about 12 inches as a tail. Fold the ends of the strap so it has about a 4 inch loop. Connect with the 12 inch strip of plarn. This will make a loop that the strap will go through.

Updates on our project:

We have reached 80 Mats and straps along with 15 pillows. We estimate that we have used 38,600 bags!

The 5th mat was placed at the food box at Treasures R Us location.

In one week we have placed 3 mats and 3 plarn pillows out at this food box. People are coming to get food when they need it and these mats are there for them if they need them.

A box has been placed at Treasures R Us a resale shop in Lancaster SC. This box is not just for the homeless, but for anyone in need of food. We have placed a mat with a plarn pillow under the box for anyone who needs it. While spring is almost here, it is still rather cold at night and right now it is getting colder. The warming center here in Lancaster will close March 15 and now more than ever we need to get these mats out to those who need them.
After a weekend of plarn making, and a lot of bag flattening we have reach 79 mats!!!! We are over 38 thousand bags!!!!!
A huge thank you to Nutramax Laboratories! For the last two months they have been collecting bags for us. This has been a huge blessing!
Its been a long road for one couple, but they are getting a place to call home in the next week or so!!!
While staying in the warming center here in Lancaster, SC they have saved up their money, and will be able to move into a place with first and last months rent. People are looking for ways to help them get the deposits they need on the utilities as they are very high for people with low or no credit scores. Please keep this couple in your prayers!
Would anyone like some bags? We need a few people to take some bags and turn them into strips or loop them into plarn. I have 20 garbage bags filled with bags right now. I can give you a stack of flattened if you would like to skip that step. Thank you for your help.
We had a plarntastic time with Girl Scout troop 1287! Check out the facebook page for more photos!
We are in need of new or gently used pillow cases. These are for the plarn pillows we make. The cases are to make the pillows more comfortable to use and can be washed when needed.
Two groups had a plarntastic day today. We taught some new people how to plarn in Flat Rock, NC while an experienced group had a “plarning Fiesta” in Auburndale, FL. Please check out the facebook page for more photos.
A mat was made with one very large ball + 8 strips! Arin Hale (10 years old) did a great job looping the strips together to make the biggest plarn ball we have ever received! Thank you Mrs. Keena for crocheting the big one! This puts us up to 76 mats and bag total over 36 thousand!!!
74th mat completed!!! 35,710 bags used so far!
72 Mats and straps brings the total bags to 34,680!!!!!1/7/2017
10 Mats have gone to the Warming Center in Lancaster SC. these mats will line the cots to make them a little softer and warmer while sleeping.
We had a wonderful time at Winter Family Weekend and had a good turn out for our plarn party!. Thank you to all that came to help and those who dropped off bags!
We were on our local news! The cut out the parts about the church, but we are so thankful that we are getting the word out about homelessness.
Making Mats now has its very own e-mail! If you would like to get a plarn party, mail bags, or have any questions e-mail then to
64!!!! Total is now 30,880
Mat number 63!!! With each mat having a strap and 12 pillows finished we have used and estimated 30,405 bags!!! Way to go everyone!If you want to get involved please message us or call Sherri 803-288-643611/16/2016
58 Mats and straps finished + 11 pillows =27,990 bags!!!!

54 mats and straps, and 11 pillows completed! 26,090 (estimated) bags! If you are in Lancaster come out and see us and the Shower Truck Monday 109 S Wylie St. 10:30-1:00.
This is the shower van that we have given 9 mats to and plan on giving more as they are needed.
In right at a year we now have 53 mats made and 10 pillows!!! This puts our estimated bag count to 25,575!!! We are always looking for volunteers. We need people to collect bags, cut bags, loop the strips together and crochet. If you would like to help feel free to message or call. Sherri 803-288-6436

Please e-mail if interested in helping with any or all of the steps. If you would like to donate plastic bags, plarn, or hooks please send them to:

Making Mats c/o Infuse P.O. Box 2967 Lancaster, SC 29721

We also have a Facebook page for Making Mats



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