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Everything in Moderation

Addictions can take the form of many different things. We tend to think of substance abuse—alcohol, drugs, cigarettes—when we think of addictions. In reality, addictions can involve almost anything. Work, hobbies, food, electronics, sports, and the internet are some of the many things which can be easily abused. Most will start out very innocent as […]

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Overcoming Vices

We all sin and have vices we need to work on. What I will attempt to do in this article is address a number of methods you can implement to overcome the issues that you may be struggling with. Before we get started we need to address a definition of vice. Of course there are […]

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My Journey

Due to the introduction of sin into this world, what should have been has been corrupted. This includes self-worth, or how people value themselves, and how they view others. Greed and lust took over, corrupting the good things God had made—including beauty, love, and intimacy in marriage. Because of this corruption, some began viewing their […]

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Where Were They?

Where were they Lord? Where were they when you carved the earth out of nothing into a perfect sphere and set the planets to dance around the sun? Where were they, when you separated the waters from the waters and the darkness from the light and spread out the heavens like a mat for your […]

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The early Christians advocated self-correction, i.e. examining one’s own life for sins and failings, and then taking measures to correct them (Matthew 3:2, 4:17; Luke 13:3, 5; Hebrews 12:1). This means more than just recalling individual sins; it includes knowing oneself and one’s weaknesses and searching for ways to avoid vices and sinning again (1 […]

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We are all faced with one question: how can we overcome the vices we have lived with for many years and turn to God? The Apostle Paul reiterated the point when he said that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. In other words, we have all “missed the mark.” […]

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Paid In Full

I am your tour guide for this part of the journey. I just wanted to let you know that God has personally called each one of you young people sitting in these seats and He loves you so much…but as you know nothing comes without a price…” Then I gave each passenger a Bible. “You […]

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