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Recently my wife and I traveled to spend time with family. I have a bit of a love/dislike (not hate) relationship with these visits. The reason is because my wife and I continue to follow the faith that we were raised in, while my siblings and their mates have chosen another path. In fact, neither […]

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In the early church, nursing of the sick accorded a place of honor and respect. Jesus’ ministry was largely devoted to the caring and healing of the sick (Matthew 9:35). Christ gave individual attention, touching, anointing and taking the hand. Jesus’ teaching on the importance of caring for the sick and afflicted is reflected especially […]

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The ability to speak is one of the most amazing and important aspects of human life. Speech allows us to express our emotions, voice our needs, and share our ideas. It is so important that we are taught to speak even before we learn to walk or feed ourselves. Yet the power of our words […]

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Q & A

Q1: I recently joined the church and was wondering what sorts of things my family and I shouldn’t do on the Sabbath. Some people are telling me my kids can’t play sports on Saturdays (which they’ve been doing for years), and others say it’s okay. I’m confused and certainly don’t want to upset God. Please […]

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If you were sitting among a group of God’s people or any average gathering of Americans on a Saturday afternoon and someone asked, “How many people here like rock and roll music,” how would you respond? In most cases, if you’re honest you would quickly raise your hand as would many others, including myself, because […]

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Are we accountable as Christians? Do we need to be doing things rather than just believing in Christ’s sacrifice for us? I believe the answer to both of these questions is yes. Let’s talk about why we need to be accountable and how we can be accountable. The Bible makes it clear Christians need to […]

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We Do Recover

“When at the end of the road, we find that we can no longer function as a human being…we all face the same dilemma, either go on as best we can to the bitter end, or find a new way to live” (paraphrase of quotation from “12 Steps”). This year’s INFUSE theme of accountability is […]

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Everyone is a Someone to God

The ultimate purpose of human life is to be fulfilled at the resurrection. That does not mean God neglects the present physical life. The fulfillment, abundance, happiness, and success of this human life are an integral part of God’s plan. The entirety of the book of Proverbs is filled with instruction and exhortations explaining how […]

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Utterly Human

I used to think my parents were perfect, as many children do. This feeling of adoration was directed especially to my dad. Throughout childhood he was a hero to me. It was as if there was no task too big for him to accomplish. He could fix pretty much anything: pianos (my parents owned a […]

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Reader Questions

Reader Questions: 1. I noticed that this year the Jewish Passover was on a different day than the Passover we celebrated. What is the difference in the dates, and is it significant? The Church of God International (CGI) and many other Church of God groups celebrate the Lord’s Passover or Lord’s Supper the night before […]

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