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three easy steps to stewardship

Did you ever wonder why God tells us to pray for the things He knows we need? Why do we need to ask, seek, and knock? There was a woman who had three young children to feed. She sat down and prayerfully made a careful shopping list and had just enough money to buy the […]

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wall street, main street, church street

Most people today have used a GPS navigation device to find a new location. These machines have become extremely popular because it is not an easy feeling to be somewhere unfamiliar while trying to locate a specific place. Unfortunately, today’s world can be dangerous, and being lost could leave us exposed. This is also true […]

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jacob’s trouble

We beheld remarkable Leviathan ascend-like a phoenix come from caliginous seas stood strong and tall for all to see, symbol of strength and unity, inaccessible scales his presumptuous pride, flaring frenzied nostrils glowered, glared like gigantic torch on Miss Liberty-made each of us his oh so loyal bride. (more…)

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Businessman hoarding money

roots of all kinds of evil

Greed, also called “avarice,” is the intense and excessive desire for money and material goods. The earliest Christians were at one in condemning it as sinful rather than a trait beneficial for individuals and society as a whole. These early believers were much closer than we are to the writing of the New Testament and […]

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the principle of ownership

The principle of ownership is a biblical concept not widely known nor applied correctly in our walk with God. Few Christians object to the understanding that God owns everything, and therefore, as good stewards we are to pay a tithe, or ten percent, of our increase to the Lord. The Scriptures also reveal some other […]

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