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Count down to the 2016 retreat.


We are just over a week away from the Infuse 2016 Summer Retreat in Clearwater Florida.  The theme this year is Accountable. We need to hold ourselves accountable in every aspect of our lives: God, ourselves, family, friends, coworker, strangers, and so on. Our verse to go with the theme this year is 1 Timothy […]

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THE BIBLICAL FESTIVALS Their Meaning and Significance Part 5 Feast of Tabernacles


Feast of Tabernacles This portion of the article will give you an overview of the Feast of Tabernacles—or Feast of Booths—the sixth festival listed in Leviticus chapter 23. This festival shows us the picture of the Millennium, the 1,000-year period of time following Christ’s visible return from heaven! Let us notice the instruction concerning this […]

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I Will Praise You In This Storm


Myrtle Beach SC Feast 2015  This year’s Feast started out like any other Feast, but it turned out to be the one I will always remember very well. You remember something about every Feast; some years take a bit longer to recall than others. Well, Feast 2015 was the year of the hurricane and flood. […]

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The Great Need for Atonement

From the time Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the Great need for the Holy Day of Atonement was necessary. The need for all mankind to receive atonement, “reconciliation” is paramount. The reason for this need is because the nature of man has become totally […]

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The Significance of Stooping Low

Portrait of a thoughtful young man with hand on his head isolated on the gray background

Ben Franklin once received a very useful lesson from the excellent Dr. Cotton Mather. In a letter to Dr. Mather’s son he relates the doctor’s words: “The last time I saw your father was in 1724. On taking my leave, he showed me a shorter way out of the house, by a narrow passage, which […]

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God’s Holy Days: The Way Forward

So, you’ve gone through what looks like a hectic week. You’re feeling tired and not knowing what to do. However, there is no sign of you slowing down as you’ve got many other obligation outside the office to fulfil – studying for that big exam, doing the grocery shopping, or preparing yourself and the children […]

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Charles Groce: The Longer Story

There’s Biblical reason to believe God works through families. It’s also reasonable to believe the later generations of believers are blessed through the obedience of those who lived before. That is the case with my family. My sisters and I have been blessed through my mother’s faithfulness. (more…)

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wealth and tithing

If you have been a Pentecostal, Charismatic, or Evangelical Christian long enough, you have heard words such as wealth and tithing in conversations or sermons. With the current economic downturn and its associated hardships, there is a need to return to the truth regarding the principles of wealth and tithing. (more…)

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the secret of financial wisdom

What’s the big secret? Financial wisdom has been an extensively explored issue, particularly in recent times. More and more people are becoming interested in personal finances due to the recent financial downhill roller-coaster experienced worldwide. In the current market, it is practical to ask if this is a good time to think about increasing or […]

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