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THE BIBLICAL FESTIVALS Their Meaning and Significance Part 5 Feast of Tabernacles


Feast of Tabernacles This portion of the article will give you an overview of the Feast of Tabernacles—or Feast of Booths—the sixth festival listed in Leviticus chapter 23. This festival shows us the picture of the Millennium, the 1,000-year period of time following Christ’s visible return from heaven! Let us notice the instruction concerning this […]

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I Will Praise You In This Storm


Myrtle Beach SC Feast 2015  This year’s Feast started out like any other Feast, but it turned out to be the one I will always remember very well. You remember something about every Feast; some years take a bit longer to recall than others. Well, Feast 2015 was the year of the hurricane and flood. […]

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The Foundation for Salvation

Christmas fir tree with decoration on a wooden board

Most people in Christendom are interested in their salvation, which they think is “going to heaven.” Millions think the foundation of their salvation includes going to church every Sunday morning and observing Christmas as Jesus’ birthday and Easter as His resurrection. Those of us in the Church of God know that these practices are not […]

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Holy Convocation

From the inception of time the days were set, The Sabbath and feast days are deemed sacred. On these days no work should be done, Holy convocations that will also be observe in the Millennium. In “Genesis one” it was first mentioned, Long before “Exodus twenty” it was from creation. The sole purpose was realized, […]

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Memoirs of the Feast


October 9, 2014, began another enriching and spiritually uplifting Feast of Tabernacles! It was my pleasure and privilege, as always, to attend the feast in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There was no doubt to me, as always, that the Spirit of God was in that place among the brethren. The Infuse services for the youth were just as inspired […]

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