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Everyone is a Someone to God

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The ultimate purpose of human life is to be fulfilled at the resurrection. That does not mean God neglects the present physical life. The fulfillment, abundance, happiness, and success of this human life are an integral part of God’s plan. The entirety of the book of Proverbs is filled with instruction and exhortations explaining how […]

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I Will Praise You In This Storm


Myrtle Beach SC Feast 2015  This year’s Feast started out like any other Feast, but it turned out to be the one I will always remember very well. You remember something about every Feast; some years take a bit longer to recall than others. Well, Feast 2015 was the year of the hurricane and flood. […]

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Charles Groce: The Longer Story

There’s Biblical reason to believe God works through families. It’s also reasonable to believe the later generations of believers are blessed through the obedience of those who lived before. That is the case with my family. My sisters and I have been blessed through my mother’s faithfulness. (more…)

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He is Lord over money

Ever since I could walk, I dreamed of opening a store like the ones I grew up walking past. After moving to Taiwan, I often ran to the small captivating shops to scour through the trinkets. I loved it! I loved digging through every inch of the boxes, searching for treasure amidst what seemed like […]

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No-fail investment plan

The economic downturn and the now-cliché recession has pushed people out of work and families out of homes. Those still managing to hang on have tightened their purse strings—preparing themselves for the fabled fall-out. But is that how God wants us to live? After all, Proverbs 11:28a says, “Whoever trusts in his riches will fall!” […]

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Luke 16:9


Luke 16:9 states: “I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.” Does this verse contradict the rest of the Bible? Is Christ telling us that we should use wealth to make friends for ourselves so that we can be […]

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roots of all kinds of evil

Businessman hoarding money

Greed, also called “avarice,” is the intense and excessive desire for money and material goods. The earliest Christians were at one in condemning it as sinful rather than a trait beneficial for individuals and society as a whole. These early believers were much closer than we are to the writing of the New Testament and […]

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