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Waiting Patiently on God’s Promises


“You’ll just have to wait.” These are words every impatient person hates to hear. After all, we North Americans have created an almost wait-less society. We have drive-through banks. We download concert tickets in seconds. We microwave pot roast in 10 minutes. Who needs to wait for anything anymore? We can have everything we want […]

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In Your Anger Do Not Sin


Anger poses a puzzle for students of the ageless gospel. In some places the New Testament and other early Christian writings oppose it while in others it is allowed, perhaps even godly. This article will examine the writings of the first believers on the subject to see if they can be harmonized or whether Jesus’ […]

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It’s The Sabbath, Now What?

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The fourth commandment says, “Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8). Remembering the Sabbath is easy; the tough part is how does one keep it holy? In my youth, I thought it would be great to have an appendix in the back of the Bible with two columns. One column would give […]

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