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Questions & Answers Winter 2003

Q: Why do you quote from the Old Testament in establishing doctrine for Christians? Shouldn’t Christians get their beliefs from the New Testament alone, especially from the epistle of Paul? A: Listen carefully to what the apostle Paul says about the so-called ” Old Testament”: To Timothy, Paul writes, ” and that from childhood you […]

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In Your Anger Do Not Sin


Anger poses a puzzle for students of the ageless gospel. In some places the New Testament and other early Christian writings oppose it while in others it is allowed, perhaps even godly. This article will examine the writings of the first believers on the subject to see if they can be harmonized or whether Jesus’ […]

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What Does The Bible Have For Me?

Two hands are on a Bible in prayer

Life never ceases to amaze me. Just when we think everything is flowing smoothly, a bump comes up and throws our reality into a cyclone. The question becomes, “What next”? What will be the next problem, what will be the next solution, what should we do next? I rarely know the answer to the first […]

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