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My knees are the foundation. For my supplication. Hear oh lord and hearken To my petition. The devil knows when to encroach, So before your mercy seat I approach. He will take advantage of my vulnerable state, My resounding resolve he wants to break. I am resolute in my faith; An impregnable zeal Lord create. […]

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The God Concept

From the inception of time was the Lord divine, The Creator of the heavens and the earth and all mankind. It was He that said “Let us make man in our own image.” He gave us His only begotten Son; we are privileged. There is only one God; there is no other No Silesia, Buddha, […]

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jacob’s trouble

We beheld remarkable Leviathan ascend-like a phoenix come from caliginous seas stood strong and tall for all to see, symbol of strength and unity, inaccessible scales his presumptuous pride, flaring frenzied nostrils glowered, glared like gigantic torch on Miss Liberty-made each of us his oh so loyal bride. (more…)

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