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Reflect, Review, Recharge, Rejoice

Have you ever been frustrated when you go to use something and the batteries are dead? It happens to me all the time, and seems to be more prevalent as our world increasingly relies on remote control and electronic devices. My cell phone, Blackberry™, laptop, remotes, bluetooth headset, and car, have all stopped working at […]

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Charles Groce: The Longer Story

There’s Biblical reason to believe God works through families. It’s also reasonable to believe the later generations of believers are blessed through the obedience of those who lived before. That is the case with my family. My sisters and I have been blessed through my mother’s faithfulness. (more…)

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He is Lord over money

Ever since I could walk, I dreamed of opening a store like the ones I grew up walking past. After moving to Taiwan, I often ran to the small captivating shops to scour through the trinkets. I loved it! I loved digging through every inch of the boxes, searching for treasure amidst what seemed like […]

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